Отель Crystal House - Suite Hotel and SPA
ул. Сергеева, 4
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NEW - De-Stress Massage

NEW - De-Stress Massage
  • De-Stress Massage.
An exclusive novelty from traditional Balinese massage specialist and spa therapist Morion SPA - Desi.
  • About massage:
The most relaxing and gentle massage. It is performed very slowly, smoothly and comfortably.
  • About the benefits of massage:
In combination with the use of aromatic oil, it is ideal for those who want to relax, relieve chronic fatigue, stress and irritability. A mild effect normalizes the nervous system, puts thoughts in order.

  • You can find out the details and order a massage by phone and on the official page of MORION SPA in Vk.
  1. Tel.: +7 4012 692-601
  2. Vk - MORION_SPA